Executive Search & Leadership Advisors

Executive search forms the cornerstone of our business, where we excel in placing modern executives and extraordinary talent. Our search process is highly structured and transparent. We act with authenticity and integrity, serving as genuine advisors to our clients and candidates.

In addition to executive search, we offer a range of leadership advisory services, including compensation analysis, management and team assessments, coaching, and onboarding services.

This holistic approach enables us to raise the bar and empowers our clients and candidates to achieve their full potential.

One Firm approach and expertise

We adopt a team-oriented approach to deliver optimal solutions for our clients. The assignments are carried out by a group of seasoned headhunters and researchers who understand the industry and the challenges our clients face. These professionals have access to candidates who are difficult to recruit, and they often maintain long-standing relationships with such individuals.

Carefully selected client base

We have a strategically selected client base in each sector, focusing on understanding each client’s special needs. That’s why we have strong and long-lasting partnerships, working with most clients for over a decade. Our clients are leading consulting firms, banks, insurance companies, family offices, investment, private equity & real estate firms, as well as international corporations.

Transparent & Technology driven

The world is changing rapidly, and the executive search field is no exception. Therefore, we constantly innovate to improve our processes and services. Besides our employees, our cutting-edge data collection is an invaluable asset, which we leverage using the latest technologies.

We share our recruiting progress in real-time, which allows for collaborative experiences resulting in the best hiring decisions.